About Me

Who is LiloCre8tive…

Marketing Guru. Story Teller. Conceptualiser. Designer. Developer.

Who is Lilo

Lilo [Lee-Lo] is my nickname, the first two letters of my name, followed by the the first two letters of my surname.  Bestowed on me, by my Pa, Keith Miller, who took me under his wing, and became my mentor and taught me so much about life.

Cre8tive:  A gift. To create, design, envision, tell a story, paint a picture, visualise, bring to life.

My creative gift drew me into marketing. Over the last 25 years I have built up a plethora of skills and a successful track record.  I spent 10 years working with NPOs, developing and executing Cause Marketing campaigns.  I’ve had extensive exposure to end to end marketing – including –  event management, digital marketing, campaign development, brand development, sponsor relations, social media management, cause marketing and fundraising.

I am passionate about telling stories. I live and breathe in the creative realm, I think in pictures and am always visualising the next great idea.

When I’m not working, I love spending time with my family, relaxing at home, having a picnic in the park, or taking a  getaway at the coast.

I recharge my creativity by unwinding with a good book in a quiet spot, exploring my canvas with new sketches and paintings, crocheting a beanie, a blanket, or an amigurumi, or cooking up a storm in my kitchen.

Liesl Lodewyk

My tried and trusted work process.

I consult with my customer to determine their needs. I assess the scope of the project.  I collaborate with skilled freelance contributors as required.  I take ownership of the project and I am your point of call.  I design, execute and deliver.


An interactive process with my customer, which continues throughout the scope of the project


Teaming up with skilled professionals to supplement projects where needed or capacitate workload.

Design & Execution

I conceptualise, design, develop and execute the project.  I am hands-on throughout.

Delivery & After Sales Service

I deliver the completed project and continue to provide after sales service.

Let’s Work Together

Do you want to evolve your business from bricks and mortar to online?  Do you want to expand your reach using digital strategy and technology and grow your business?

Then contact us today.  Fill out the contact form and we will contact you.  Or call us on 011 568 7463.

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